Do you know the seven major functions of Bluetooth?

August 17, 2021
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Mobile phone Bluetooth is a small function that every mobile phone has. However, many friends think that Bluetooth is useless, just a display. In fact, this is because you have not mastered the correct usage of Bluetooth! Today, the editor has sorted out the use of Bluetooth among them, and those who don’t know yet come to see it!


1. Commonly used functions

1. Listen to songs

Of course, the most commonly used function is listening to music. It is much more convenient to listen to music with Bluetooth headsets than wired headsets. Without a headset cable, it will not always be pulled.

2. Transfer files

Another very commonly used function is to transfer files, which is particularly convenient, especially when there is no network, using Bluetooth to transfer files is the first choice!

2. Hidden function

1. Network sharing

When the mobile phone has no data, everyone often rubs the wifi hotspots of your friends, right? But you may not know, you can also share the network with Bluetooth!

2. Unlock shared bicycles

Now I use shared bicycles to commute to and from get off work every day, which is convenient and fast, but sometimes the QR code on some shared bicycles is scratched and blurred, so we can also use Bluetooth to unlock! And there is another advantage of using Bluetooth to unlock the lock, it can be operated without a network!

3. Connect the mobile phone to the mouse and keyboard

Some friends think that the keyboard of the mobile phone input method is too small? Especially for people like Xiaobian who like the full keyboard, too thick fingers are really fatal. But with Bluetooth, we can connect a keyboard or mouse! It's so comfortable when playing games!

4. Make a phone call with a computer

It is not convenient to use a mobile phone to make a call in office. We can also connect to a computer via Bluetooth and use the computer to make a call, so that we can type with both hands and talk at the same time.

5. Sports bracelet

There are still many sports bracelets, which can also be connected to Bluetooth, and then heart rate can be measured on some specific apps, which is also very practical!

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