why choose black technology bluetooth sun glass

July 24, 2022
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Some smart glasses offer photography functions anytime, anywhere,it can offer take photo when swimming, mountaineering, jumping.


1, Smart glasses is the same as the smart phone,Smart glasses refer to the general term of wearable glasses devices that have a unique operating system and can be installed to achieve various functions through software. It has the characteristics of simple use and small volume, and it is one of the most promising wearable smart devices.


2, From the form of use of smart glasses, its greatest value comes from the ability to add prompt information in the human field of vision. Similar to the helmet prompt system used for fighter pilots.Additional prompts in human vision can be used for a variety of purposes: navigation prompts.Looking at a map with a mobile phone requires people to transform a map to a three-dimensional space in their minds.Smart glasses can directly give three-dimensional space hints in human vision, which is more intuitive and effective.


3, For smart glass, Shenzhen WEE eletronic company, But there are only a handful of brands that can balance the practicality and fashion.